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We've had the pleasure to help many families in Lake Oswego, Portland, Happy Valley and beyond. Here is what they say:

Star Star Star Star Star

Dwell Care really came through when My family needed help caring for my mother! Vivian is an amazing caregiver! She goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is so attentive to my mom and very gentle and caring, and she is BEYOND patient with my mom who can be quite persnickety often. She has been a lifesaver! All the caregivers at Dwell have been wonderful! Reliable, well trained and very caring! I highly recommend Dwell Care!

Molly M.
Oregon City, Oregon
Star Star Star Star Star

Dwell Care did a wonderful job assisting my parents both in their home and as they transitioned to an assisted living facility. Caregivers were knowledgeable, well-trained, professional, and caring. As the pandemic began, they worked to schedule their staff so that the same staff worked with my parents on a consistent basis so as to minimize the possibility of exposure. I highly recommend their services.

Sarah A.
Clackamas, Oregon
Star Star Star Star Star

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dwell Care staff. As my mother's primary caregiver and advocate they go the extra mile to listen to my suggestions and concerns. I get immediate written communication from my mom's Care Pro following each visit. This communication helps guide important aspects of her care. We are truly working as a team and that is very comforting and validating!

Renee M
Lake Oswego, OR
Star Star Star Star Star

There are just not enough synonyms for wonderful to describe all the many ways Dwell and the people who work there show up; loving, patient, hard working, kind, knowledgeable, cheerful, skillful, accessible etc! I would happily fill in another 5 stars!

My fiercely independent mother who at 94 still lived in her own condo, was in desperate need of help yet determined to prove that she could do it all herself (which actually meant me doing it). I had talked to numerous caregiving places, all that felt generic and more interested in how and if we could pay than the person they would be caring for. Feeling hopeless, but still desperate one day, I dialed and yet another caregiver number and lo and behold a real person with a warm kind voice and a sense of humor answered and it was like the sun came out in our lives again.

Everyone who works at Dwell seems to have some extra light within them. It may sound corny but I'm not exaggerating. My mother could be quite irascible and loved to complain and yet she raved about Dwell. They worked so hard to be flexible and accommodating, adjusting to Mom's needs or whims, always with patience and humor.Bottom line, if you or a loved one needs caregiving, from help in the shower, to running errands, housekeeping, someone to sit and listen, make meals (they all seem to be great cooks as well), just general help with life, please call them. Their rates fair, clear and with no surprises. They make home feel like home again.

Terry D
SW Portland


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